Is your vision a beacon?
Aireys Inlet Lighthouse

Aireys Inlet Lighthouse

Your organisation’s Vision is a beacon, encouraging others to follow.  Not to be confused with goals or values, it represents your organisation’s unique destination.

A lighthouse reminds me in many ways of an organisation’s Vision – it needs to stand out, be clearly seen in all conditions and draw the eye towards it.  It becomes a reference point – to keep you on a defined course, no matter the conditions.  The Vision for your organisation is unique – it is not represented in any other organisation, even those undertaking similar work.

During the day, when things are clear and going well, navigation is easier; yet, the lighthouse still provides a constant reminder of your course and where you are going.

At night or in stormy conditions, however, the light shining and blinking in accordance with its distinctive code, becomes a highly visible marker and its’ true importance is revealed.  When an organisation or business is busy, with pressured interactions and decisions, or, when tensions come to the fore, when the going is unsure or unclear – that is when your Vision is critical.  Like the lighthouse’s beam, your Vision is a tool that brings you back on course.

Visions are best as a simple compelling message, with colour and visibility.  They are referred to when planning, when making challenging decisions or when reminding a group of the bigger picture.  They are a guide to your work, being an umbrella statement over your purpose, values and code of behaviour.

Visions, of course, are not just found in organisations.  They are just as vital for a team or an individual.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time at Aireys Inlet in Victoria over the summer and the lighthouse (pictured) is visible from along the coast, day and night, providing a reference to those at sea and on land.