Facilitation is…

Advance Your Business facilitates organisations or groups facing challenges, lacking clarity or planning their future to achieve an effective course of action.  A facilitator brings a new view and designs a process that, when worked through, will enable the people involved to tell their story and work out together what needs to be done.

Whether it is a new organisation, network or partnership, an organisation growing rapidly, two organisations amalgamating or one that is stuck, the skill of the facilitator is to create a working space.  In this space, the key points are able to be identified, addressed and the group arrives at a course of action with clear timelines and agreed accountability.

How does facilitation work…

Jill Nicholson will lead and document the facilitation process.  Successful facilitation begins with a consultative process, listening to and asking pertinent questions of the organisation about what they perceive are the issues, what they wish to address and the outcome/s they wish to achieve.  The next step is to design a process – a series of steps for the group to take together.

Facilitation gives all participants a voice and a place to share their views.  Most importantly, it results in a vision, goals or re-committing to the direction and the strategies that all will sign on to.

Over 24 years, Jill has developed a reputation as a skilled facilitator, giving people confidence to speak up, to draw out the group’s diverse positions, and work to ensure that consensus is reached – even when the parties were initially far from agreement.  A hallmark of Jill’s facilitation is that the group achieves clarity about their direction and how they will travel together in the one direction.


The group or team will move forward and everyone is on, or back on, the same page, issues resolved and strategies locked down in an Action Plan.  The Action Plan records specific tasks and the people responsible, timelines and KPIs, enabling those present to start implementing the next day.

“We have been thrilled with the work that Jill has done with our teams. Jill has assisted us to build a strong and cohesive approach, ensuring that all staff have had the opportunity to contribute to an achievable plan that will ensure we are moving forward together. Within the space of a day, Jill facilitated our “journey” from a place of uncertainty to one of strength and positive focus. Every person within our team was able to identify not only what they believed “we” needed to do to achieve our goals, but also, what they needed to commit to personally, and come up with a strategy to make it happen. We are really looking forward to our continued growth as a unified team, despite our vast geographic spread. Thank you Jill”

Peta Nichol, Qld Programs Manager
Save the Children Australia