Leadership Training

Managing people can be the most rewarding, as well as the most challenging, aspect of leadership.

Leadership is a skill that can be developed and enhanced. Leadership training actively supports anyone who is taking on the leadership mantle and truly standing tall as a leader and creating a path for others to follow.

What we teach…

People Centered Leadership is a 6-day leadership training course focussed on developing the leader, their relationships with the teams they lead and mastering Cultureship – leading organisational culture. The full course comprises:

  • Choosing Leadership
  • Trust – the first step
  • Emotionally in Tune
  • The Magic of Communicating Well
  • The 7 Secrets of Pulling Together
  • Cultureship – Enhancing Culture through Leadership

How we teach…

The course is designed to value prior learning, introduce new concepts and models and give participants time to practice, both in, and between, training workshops.

The emphasis of the training is practical strategies that can be applied immediately in the workplace. Practicing new learning in pairs or small groups enables participants to receive feedback in a safe learning environment.


The People Centered Leadership participants develop knowledge and practical skills so that they are able to lead with greater confidence and clarity, managing the everyday as well as the challenges of the workplace.


“It was not just another one off training session, the program established benchmarks for us to return to, and importantly provided a consistency of tools and language that raised our standards across the board, integrated into supervision and team meetings at all levels.

I highly recommend Jill’s services to any organisation wanting to develop and sustain a high performing leadership team.”

Craig Kelly, Former Manager, 
The Salvation Army, 
Northern Regions Division