Mentoring is akin to individually tailored training.

Mentoring is…

In the ever-changing workplace, mentoring serves to constantly upskill leaders. In the mentoring relationship, we work to resolve or develop options for the most pressing issues a leader is focussed on; be they performance management, the difficult conversation, managing upwards and downwards, new solutions or strategies or team cohesion, to name a few. Managers can sometimes feel overwhelmed and challenged. Mentoring empowers them, re-establishes a sense of control and gives them confidence to address the issues.

How does mentoring work…

From day one, our approach to mentoring is to build a trusting, caring and confidential relationship. The agenda is determined by the key issues being experienced. We have a strong problem solving focus for a future event; or reflection and learning from a past activity. The learnings from mentoring go beyond the session and provide a further foundation to the manager’s problem solving and leadership skills.

The use of current technologies, such as FaceTime and Skype, has greatly increased access to this service.


The benefits of mentoring are the ability to share the issue, feel cared for, establish a way forwards and renewed energy to manage the issue.

“Since working with Jill my confidence in my leadership skills has increased. I always come away from our sessions with ideas, enthusiasm and a renewed commitment to making a difference in my workplace.”

Maria Connor, Manager Recovery Services,
Murray – Riverina St Luke’s,
a division of Anglicare Victoria