Advance Your Business has two measurement tools that provide more in-depth information for people who wish to further their professional development.


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is how we notice, use and manage emotions. EI is a key component of any interpersonal or group relationship. As emotions are involved in most interactions between people, knowing emotional intelligence abilities and areas for improvement will create better relationships. The tool we use is MSCEIT – Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test – which measures actual Emotional Intelligence abilities. For more information click here

ESC 360

Leadership is often about the leader’s interactions with and impact on the people that they work with. For those who are serious about developing their leadership, we use the Emotional and Social Competencies (ESC) 360 tool developed by Kendall Want Associates.  This tool identifies strengths and areas for improvement, including a coaching guide. For more information visit

Both tools form part of progressive learning and development and are often used in conjunction with leadership training and/or mentoring.